About Us

We Cumulus provide a broad portfolio of information technology and business process to its clients worldwide. We offer a diverse range of Health Care and Consumer care serveices. We are driven by our passion for quality and our commitment to customers. Through constant innovation and a people-first attitude, we strive to assume leadership positions in all our businesses. Our Culture based on Honesty, Commitment and Integrity creates a unique climate for our team to provide an extraordinary client experience.

We are experienced in providing high quality solutions to clients in diverse business areas and provide cost effective global support by our partners across India and other countries.

Our main focus is on transforming native business operations, creating new business models and unleashing process improvements. With the help of an experienced management and hardworking team members, we enable organization to deliver value across the customer’s journey by empowering, innovation and scale programs to deliver tangible results and providing unmatched services.


From Retail to Healthcare, we help clients achieve operational excellence across all major industries – worldwide. Cumulus delivering value and business results to clients from healthcare to financial services and everything in between. We transform processes to work smarter for healthcare organizations and their patients, members, employees, and end users.

  • Cumulus InfoTech is based in Salem (India).
  • Cumulus InfoTech is engaged in delivery Health Care services to our Clients.
  • The company founded on core values of makeover, quality, integrity, care and trust.
  • Provide high-quality, affordable contract technology solutions.
  • Working with cumulus is a cost-effective alternative to services. We have qualified skilled and educated employees.

How Cumulus Differs?

Our focus is on leveraging new technologies using proven and cost-effective method for our clients. Working with customers to achieve their business objectives is our highest priority.

We will strive to achieve individuality in every project we do, improve our services and excellence in service delivery.

Our Vision

To create local opportunity, growth and impact in every community and country around the world.

Our Values

We are dedicated to the success of our clients, their company and the people within our own company. We ensure to implement and execute the highest possible performance standard.

We manifest this through our three (3) core values:

  • Strive for excellence in everything we do
  • Nurture partnerships to bring positive outcome
  • Demonstrate strong commitment to our clients and our staff

We are dedicated to uphold these values and bring it to reality through the strong arm of our Management Team, the active participation and cooperation of our Staff, and the strong support of our Clients.

Focus, diligence and process perfection equal the best results for year organization. Our role on mastery and assist your business processes combined with our experience will provide your organization in class solution at an affordable cost without sacrificing quality guaranteed outcomes.

  • Positive Energy
  • Transparency
  • Robust Processes
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Sincerity at work
  • Team work spirit
  • Trustworthy computing
  • Next-Gen Technologies